Dear Leaders…This Is On Us

In our personal lives, we get feedback from our parents. From our friends. From our children and spouses.  From SOCIAL MEDIA. Instantly. Frequently. We check our phones dozens of times a day (for some – be honest – hundreds of times) searching for the little red status alert. We live to know how many people […]

Serving = Leadership – Title

The act of serving is leadership without the title.


Employee disengagement is an invisible mutiny attacking most and destroying many of the world’s workplaces. #fixtheBROKENinwork

Believe, Then #jump

Dreaming about it? Do it! Thinking about it? Move it! Don’t let worry crush your dreams. Don’t let fear crush your passion. Don’t let THEM tell you it’s not possible. Belief is the first battle. Believe. #jump!

Becoming What We Believe

90% of prison inmates were told growing up that they were “going to end up in jail.” What are you telling to those around you? What self-destiny are you helping within others? What dreams are you planting in the hearts and minds of those you love? What belief are you building up in those that […]

What My Marriage Taught Me About Leadership

I thought for the longest time that if I simply pointed out the needs my wife didn’t meet of mine, that that would be the most effective strategy to get her to meet them. Yes, I actually thought that. I never wrote it down or considered it that way, and it sounds absolutely asinine as […]

Six characteristics of successful young leaders

 It is a great time for credit union young professionals (YP) in pursuit of growth and leadership. For one, there is an incredible amount of development, recognition and networking programs out there for credit union YPs, including: the CU Times and their Trailblazer program, CU Magazine and their Rock Star recognitions, CUNA and their affiliated […]


#jump journey. Let it begin.