| Five Things The Leaders We Love Most Do Differently |

Regardless of background or life experience, and even with a unique and diverse mix of personality and leadership styles, certain characteristics repeatedly show up in the leaders that we love most. These habits and traits drive their success forward as they leverage these hidden career boosters.

Join Josh as we examine these essential traits and share the blueprint for becoming a leader that is loved most.

| Ladder Climb: Leadership Lessons For The Next Generation|

Countless  professionals have entered the workplace and are ready and willing to help their organizations grow. But with conflicting ideas of what “success” and “achievement” look like, many have found themselves struggling to find a voice for their ideas and input. But why? Join Josh as he shares essential strategies for aspiring professionals to help enhance their workplace reputation and value.

Participants will also learn:

  •  How to leverage the Reciprocal Law of Leadership
  •  The correlation between mentorship and professional development
  •  Why gratitude has such a crazy ROI
  •  How to use the Humble Beach Ball principle to rise to the top

| Winning The Heart: Insights for Employee Engagement and  Motivation |

With nearly 70 percent of the American workforce disengaged or actively disengaged in their daily work, organizations are striving to understand how to increase and sustain employee engagement. Join Josh as we examine the latest motivation research, and the most successful strategies available for winning, and keeping, the heart of your employees.

Key learning objectives include examining:

  •  What the best do different: Three lessons found from the successful coaching cultures we observed in 2016
  •  Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic rewards and what the latest research tells us about staff incentives
  •  How to bust The Law of Limited Performance through strength based coaching
  •  How to leverage the Feedback Loop for better employee/leader communication

| Six Ideas: How To Not Suck At Workplace Relationships |

Nearly 40% of employees are not aware of or able  to identify their emotions as they are OCCURING! This disconnect between what we think people see and what is actually perceived has huge consequences for our ability to grown and succeed at work. Join Josh as we explore the characteristics needed deepen your workplace reputation and impact. With a focus on six vital strategies for better communication and growth, our time will be spent discussing and challenging the group to rethink who they are and how they impact.

| This Thing Called Relevance: Critical Insights for a Quickly Changing Marketplace  |

With the continued commoditization of business products services, the value offered by any organization to the consumer is changing at a rapid speed. Is your business relevant? Are you different? Do consumers care about your message and brand? During this keynote, join Josh as he examines the topic of consumer relevance and the solution strategies available to engage, inspire and recruit new customers.

| The Case For Coaching: What The Best Do That Others Don’t |

With worker disengagement and performance costing billions to U.S. businesses, many organization are combating this engagement epidemic with coaching. As a proven method for increasing human potential and performance, what has been observed in sports with the greatest athletes in the world, is now taking place in the greatest workplaces as well – transforming how people see themselves and contribute. Join Josh as we discuss the latest methods and research for creating and sustaining successful coaching cultures.

| The Disengagement Epidemic: Three Strategies For Boosting Workplace Morale And Performance |

As voluntary emotional effort continues to play an ever-larger part of employee contribution, organizations are finding that an engaged workforce results in a productive one.  But far fewer who acknowledge this truth are acting on it – leaving thousands of ideas, innovations and discoveries unrealized in the untapped disengaged employee. Join Josh as we dive deep into the latest methods and research in successful engagement cultures.

| Six Crucial Characteristics Of Aspiring Leaders |

As the retirement trend for existing business leadership continues, more young professionals will be called on for key leadership and impact positions. But far fewer will be called upon for these positions than those who want them. What will separate those who are chosen, and those who are not?

Join Josh as we discuss the six crucial characteristics of aspiring leaders and how to leverage them for organizational growth and achievement.

Key learning objectives include:

  •  Why IQ is commoditized and EQ is the new workplace value
  •  The correlation between mentorship and professional development
  •  The critical role gratitude plays in the workplace
  •  How to utilize the Feedback Loop for insightful, personal feedback
  •  Leverage your personal ATTITUDE to achieve organizational ALTITUDE

| The New Workforce: Essential Insights For Effective Engagement And Coaching Of The Millennial Mindset |

By the year 2025, seventy-five percent of the workplace will be comprised of the millennial generation. With engagement and employee loyalty on the line, many Gen X and Baby Boomer managers have struggled to effectively coach and manage to the  Gen Y value system. Join Josh as we examine the latest engagement and coaching research, and discuss the most successful strategies available for winning, and keeping, the heart of your millennial employees.

Key session objectives include examining:

  •  What the best do different: Three lessons found from the successful coaching cultures we observed in 2015
  •  The four biggest employee motivating myths and how to overcome them
  •  Strength based coaching, and how to increase your leadership influence using it
  •  How to leverage the Feedback Loop for better employee/leader communication

| Brand Advocates: How To Build Consumer Brand Ambassadors Through Purposeful Engagement |

When employees deliver excellent service experiences, customers become loyal advocates for those brands and organizations – sharing powerful word of mouth marketing stories to all of their friends and family. Join us for this training and learn more about how your staff can start building consumer brand advocates to drive loyalty and trust with your membership.

Key objectives include learning how to:

  • Use the GIFT service sequence to move members from brand apathy to brand advocacy
  • Build member relationships using the CCR (Connect, Create, Relate) connection principle
  • Increase product cross-sell success using the L3 ( Listen, Lead, Link) selling strategy
  • Share the power of the credit union “Why” with members to help differentiate from for-profit banking competition during sales and service conversations
  • Use the Orange Juice and Newspaper principles to surpass member expectations on purpose

|Reaching Gen Y With A Message They Might Actually Listen To |

A trendy brand is not enough. Youth today have watched more commercials, heard more advertising and have been exposed to more marketing than any generation before them. As a result, they chose who they listen to. Join Josh as he shares a blueprint for creating relevant relationships with teens and young adults.

  •  Participants will also learn: 
  •  Why “marketing” is not enough but “why” marketing is
  •  That Generation Y does value who you are – they just don’t know it
  •  How “communicating cause” builds loyalty and peer-marketing
  •  That social media is not the answer, but social relevance is
  •  That it’s not just about the Four Ps of Marketing, but the Fifth one

| Business Development And Community Engagement |

During this training, participants will learn the basics of business development and learn the tools needed to build relationships and trust with schools and community business partners. Participants will learn a simple and effective process for targeting business partners in alignment with the credit union’s strategic plan, engaging them with a relevant and meaningful message, and maintaining the partnerships through a simple follow up framework focused on meeting needs and sharing solutions.

Participants will also learn:

  •  The power of the prospect pipeline, and how to manage one
  •  How to leverage follow up frameworks to maximize time-use when maintaining and building community partnerships
  •  How to maximize health and benefit fairs to develop membership leads
  •  Five tactics for cold calling success
  •  How to use civic and Chamber groups to gain access to potential SEG and business partner prospects
  •  Four tips for smarter networking
  •  Six strategies for gaining trust and influence with key decision makers and business contacts