Consulting services include:

| Leadership Development |

  • Tailored C-Suite and Executive coaching
  • Manager and leader development programs

| Sales and Service Training |

  • Service standard secret shop audits
  • GIFT Sales and Service programming
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell solutions
  • Customer engagement strategies

| Business Development Strategies |

  • SEG|Community Business Partner (CBP) Program development and implementation
  • Prospect and existing member relationship management
  • New member On-Boarding solutions
  • Member loyalty and cross-sell success training
  • Youth financial education and engagement programs

| Employee Engagement and Coaching Programs |

  • Coaching frameworks and organization process development
  • Individual Development Plans and Employee Growth mapping
  • Individual and team engagement solutions

| Public Speaking and Audience Dynamic Management |

  • Top 10 tips for presenters to influence, engage and inspire their audience
  • Group dynamic management
  • The narrative element and how to use it