Dear Leaders…This Is On Us

In our personal lives, we get feedback from our parents. From our friends. From our children and spouses.  From SOCIAL MEDIA.



We check our phones dozens of times a day (for some – be honest – hundreds of times) searching for the little red status alert.

We live to know how many people “liked” our picture, our post, or our comments. We treasure that validation. That recognition. And it’s important.

We all have that invisible sign around our neck that says “‘Make me feel important.” And if you flip the sign over, the other side says: “…and validate me.”

And here’s the thing…we then enter the workplace. Where the sign is unseen and the feedback is invisible. Where many of us hide behind our monitors and use email missiles to assert our dominance and retain our control. Where we pick allies and adversaries and wage war through gossip and cliques.

So we trudge onward through our day. Hoping we contributed. Hoping it was worth our time, and someone else’s, too.

Still disengaged.

Still discouraged.

Still waiting for validation. For feedback.

For legitimate recognition.


And leaders…this is on us.